Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I’m so glad you found me! One of my joys in life is to capture my clients unique stories and memories. I’m a custom portrait and family photographer based out of Columbia Maryland. My work has been described as bright, vibrant, and colorful. It’s typically a mix between posed and candid. During our session, we’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, we’ll capture what makes you or your family’s story one of a kind. Every person has different seasons in life, these seasons are fleeting, so let’s capture these special moments while we can!

“Photographing with a purpose. The purpose to provide captured memories that you can cherish for a lifetime”


The Experience

When you book a session with me, I want your experience to be amazing! Not only do I want you to come away with top-notch quality photos, but I want you to have fun in the process! Because of this experience, this is why I have so many returning clients.

As your photographer, I will never leave you hanging. I’ve got a bank of great locations, a natural talent for photography, and if you need help stylizing, I can do that too! I offer it all! You’ll feel confident and comfortable that your photographs will not only be quality, but will capture your heart and soul; your story. Yes, we will do poses, of which, I’ve got plenty and will coach you through them, but I also give prompts, that will often generate authentic laughs, smiles, and reactions. These are what make the session so fun and enjoyable, because these images will make your session unique to only you and/or your family.

Family Photographer, could sitting together on a dirt road
Family Photographer, woman swimming with head out of the water
Family Photographer, black and white image of pregnant woman


Family photography is one of my favorites! Let’s capture all those smiles, giggles, and close moments! We’ll capture your unique family story. We’ll try to aim for those posed shots that grandma’s love, but it’s the candids that truly show your family’s personality…

This moment in your life is so incredibly fleeting and should be adored. Growing a tiny baby is something special in and of itself. As much as 9 months may seem forever, believe me, in the grand scheme of life, it is brief and will be gone before you know it…

Congratulations! What an exciting season in your life! If you’re engaged, in need of an Engagement photographer, or just in that season of life where you want to capture just how happy and in love you both are, let’s make it happen…

Whether you’re searching for a Senior photographer, need more photo’s for your modeling portfolio, looking to get some in-depth shots of you for your business or Instagram, with us teaming up, we can capture your true personality or brand…

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I’m passionate about photography; from the brainstorming, to planning, to stylizing your outfit, to picking a perfect location. I’ve got you covered! So say HELLO and let’s start a conversation that will customize your session!

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