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Cream Boho Dress with pink floral belt

Client Closet

  The KD Client Closet   So you’re growing a little human inside you and you want to hire an amazing photographer (that’s ya girl, me) to document this entirely special and unique time in your life, and you’re thinking “man, I wish I didn’t have to spend money on

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Please Don’t Ask Me For RAWs.

The truth all photographers want our amazing clients to know. This is a story of Before and After’s. There’s two key words in that first sentence; “Amazing Clients.” Because don’t get this confused, you ARE amazing clients, and we love and appreciate you so much. Much more than you’ll ever

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One of the many things I work out with my clients when they book a session is WHERE should we host our session together. To start with, I always ask my clients if there’s somewhere special to THEM. Somewhere they first met, a place they like to walk or hike,

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What to Wear

So you’ve booked a photoshoot, and now you’re like, “Oh wait! What do I wear?!” Worry not! I’ve got you covered! Here are some general rules to stick to when choosing what to wear for your session that will never go out of style! What to aim for: Solid colors

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My Why

Hello! My name is Kelly, and at the moment I’m writing this blog, I’ll have been practicing photography on and off for about 19 years. I first started in High School, and at the time, I just loved it. All my siblings were very artsy in their own way, but

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