What to Wear

So you’ve booked a photoshoot, and now you’re like, “Oh wait! What do I wear?!” Worry not! I’ve got you covered! Here are some general rules to stick to when choosing what to wear for your session that will never go out of style!

What to aim for:

  • Solid colors are always classic and will never leave your photo session looking “dated”. Think complimentary, colors that flow and look good together. This is also conditional on seasons and locations. For Spring, think pastel. Light blues or denim, pinks, lavenders, mint. For Autumn, think jewel tones. Burgundy, navy, mustard yellows. And as always, neutral colors can be great for any location and season. Think creams, whites, blacks, and greys.
  • Coordinate, don’t match. Pick a color palate of maybe 3-4 colors, and stick with it. When advising what to wear, I always suggest starting with mom for a family session. Often times moms get lost in the mix of life, and I think it’s important to start with her first. I want my moms to shine, because let’s be honest, us moms are hardly in the photos, because we’re the ones usually taking the photos. Pick an outfit, a gown or dress, something you feel most comfortable in, and build out from there.
  • Layers. Once you have your base outfit or dress, build layers. This can add texture and add something interesting to your style. Necklaces, ties, scarves, belts, bracelets, sweater vests, cardigans, jackets, etc. can be a great way to build layers to your outfit and style.
  • Whatever you choose, choose something you feel comfortable and confident in. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll show in your photos, so make sure you’re feeling your best.

What to avoid:

  • No stripes. Pinstripe especially are the worst! Stripes in generally tend to look too busy, lead the eyes where you don’t want, and sometimes will even give your clothing a moiré effect and believe me, you don’t want that in your photos.
  • Patterns are ok, sometimes. What I mean by that is try to play down the patterns in clothing. When trying to coordinate, if you must have a pattern in your outfits, like something floral, maybe have one person, with one article of clothing with a pattern that isn’t too strong, and that’s it.
  • Clashing colors. Unless this is your style and specifically what you want out of your photos, try to aim for colors that are more complimentary. Colors that look good together. And try to steer clear of too many STRONG colors together in one outfit.
  • Avoid Matching. As mentioned above, try not to be matchy-matchy. Unless this is a family tradition, everyone wearing all white shirts with jeans can start to look outdated.
  • Logos. You want to look great for your photos, and in the future when you’re looking at your precious memories captured , you don’t want the first thing you see in your photographs is a logo, brand, favorite Disney character, big Under Armour symbol, or anything other then the beautiful people in your life.
  • Too casual. You’ll want to look the best you can for your professionally captured moments. Try skipping the baseball cap, the hoodies, gym shorts, and anything else you’d hang out on your couch to watch Netflix in. You are paying for these photos after all, so let’s look our best.

Here are some inspirational fashion boards to give you some ideas and get you going!


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