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Who doesn’t love Spring?! Well…except for people with allergies maybe. That’s understandable. But besides that, Spring is a time for growth, for things to start anew! The days are getting longer, more vitamin D, and the air is fresh with FLOWERS! If Spring is a season you love, why not book a session and get absolutely wrapped up in it! I’ve got you covered with available SPRING DATES! Woot! Let’s dive in!

Something to keep in mind:

Mother Nature is going to do whatever Mother Nature wants to do. Although I know the general time in which local blooms open, and I can get it pretty close, I am no match for Mother Nature. So please, when you’re booking, keep in mind that these are tentative dates and times, and they’re subject to be adjusted with the timing of the blooms and the specific location. I’ve created this wonderful blog post all about the local Howard County Floral & Foliage, so if there’s any specific bloom you’re aiming for while booking through the link below, feel free to match it up.

Also, although I’ve open what looks like many dates, I will only be doing so many sessions per month and per week. So as the dates are booked, other dates on the calendar will be dropped. If you see a date that is available that you’d like to aim for, please book it quickly, as there’s a high chance it will either be booked or dropped.


Session fee + Collection = Cost

Session Fee:
  • Weekday Session fee: $195
  • Weekend Session fee: $245

It includes a pre-session consultation via phone, email, or messages, a placement booked on the calendar, my time and talent for a custom session, a private password protected online gallery, access to any of my limited props and Client Closet that apply to your session, styling advise, and your very own Client Portal that will house all your session experience with me.

  • Digital Collections start at $695
  • Product Collections start at $1095

Please see my Pricing Page for general information, or contact me directly for a detailed Pricing Guide. My average investment is $1240. Product Collection offers an Album Plus option and two different Wall Gallery Collections to chose from. Prints, Products, and Digitals are purchased AFTER the session.

*Please note that if you’d like an Orchard Session, there is a location-use fee by the Private Property Owners of $100.

Limited dates available for Spring 2023, so BOOK QUICKLY, but have some flexibility. Mother Nature dictates when blossoms bloom, and as much as I’d like to be spot on with predictions, we are all at the mercy of Mother Natures whims. To see dates available and get you on the calendar tentatively, please click below.








The majority of locations I host sessions at are within Howard County or close surrounding areas. I will take into account what’s important to YOU for your sessions, and try to include the blooms you were aiming for at booking.

Why are the dates and times tentative?

As stated above, there might need to be some flexibly if you’re aiming for a specific bloom time. Although you can find generalized dates for blossoms here in my blog post about Howard County Floral & Foliage, every year peak dates are just a liiiiiittle different. This is because the bloom times greatly depend on weather; how much sun these plants get, how much rain they get, and so on. Rest assured, I will be in contact with you about the blooms, so we can make sure we nail down a date the closer we get that works for everyones schedule. The time I typically host sessions in during Golden Hour, which is what you’ll see in most of my portfolio.

Times can be tentative for 3 reasons:

  • Weather. If it’s cloudy, times can be adjusted earlier in the day, as clouds act as natural defusers for the sun. I’m not opposed to hosting the session in the light rain if clients are open to that.
  • The Sun. During Spring, the days are still getting longer. While one week, Golden Hour session time might be 6:15pm, in a couple more weeks, Golden Hour sessions would be closer to 6:30pm and so on as the sun sets later and later in the day.
  • Location. Sessions hosted in more open-sky areas will be be slightly later, as we’ll have plenty of sunlight. While sessions hosted under tree canopy or heavily wooded areas will be slightly earlier, as we’ll need as much evening light as we can to penetrate the tree cover.
What do these sessions work best for?

These sessions work best for Family no larger than 6 people, Couples, Portraits, and Maternity (please contact me about my large selection of maternity gowns in my Client Closet).

Can I bring my dog?

YES! Absolutely! Fur babies are always welcome at my sessions! Unless a specific location doesn’t allow dogs, I’d love to meet your fluffy babes. Dogs must be kept on a leash while walking with them, and it’s suggested that you have someone come with to hold their leash for images that won’t include them.

What will my total cost be?

That really depends on what you decide to purchase after the session. I have built my pricing structure to make it more customized for my clients needs and wants.

Why do you offer Collections instead of being all inclusive?

I have tailored my pricing structure to make my clients session experience more custom. This gives my clients more options and choices to get the best out of their photography experience with me. This includes being able to CHOOSE the photos YOU love from your Proofing Gallery. The Proofing Gallery itself includes its very own shop.

Why should I book with you? What do you offer that other Photographers might not?

While we are all different, I strive to make working with me more of an experience. From first inquiry, to delivering your prints, products, and digitals, I’m very hands-on, and I want you to feel like you’re working with a friend. A person. Not just some corporate business. If you have questions or needs with your session, I’m always happy to help within my ability. My goal is to make your experience a positive one. Your session experience will be custom, from the planning, to editing, to shopping. Speaking of editing, I’m not a photographer who slaps a preset or filter on all the images and moves on. All my images are individually hand-edited and will have a Fine Art editing style. It involves skin retouching, any “problem” areas you may have concerns about,  and removing anything too distracting from the image. Sometimes that means heavy wrinkles, bugs, or even trash cans, and more. I’m a heavy editor, I like to bring LIFE and dimension to my photographs. If you’ve taken a look at my portfolio, hopefully that shines through, and the reason why you love my art so much.

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