One of the many things I work out with my clients when they book a session is WHERE should we host our session together. To start with, I always ask my clients if there’s somewhere special to THEM. Somewhere they first met, a place they like to walk or hike, somewhere they enjoy as a family; a specific spot that really personalizes their session and tells their story. Remember, I want your session to be catered to YOU. If there isn’t a particular place, you want to shoot somewhere different, or the lighting or location just won’t work, I’ve got it! Some of that depends on the time of year. For instance, if you’re envisioning cherry blossoms for your photos, well then, your shoot needs to take place in the Spring. But don’t worry I’ve still got plenty of locations to choose from to host your perfect session!


But first, know that I’ve put a lot of time into scouting these locations, and I want to make sure that they’ll be perfect for your shoot. Most locations I use were found during walks and hikes I take with my family on the weekends. Generally, they are quiet places, where we’ll have peace to play and get creative with our session, however that plays out. Especially family sessions with small children that will include both candid and posed shots (if they’re willing to cooperate for posed photos). Some of these locations will need my client to be a bit adventurous, but we can go over that when you have an idea of what you envision.


Is it tall grassy areas?




Large fields?



Maybe a location that has water?





A beach?


Want somewhere that looks like 3 locations in one?


I’ve got all these and more! Looking for something seasonal?











All these locations are available, depending of the look you’re going for, and more! There are also parks to shoot sessions at as well, some of my favorites are Lake Elkhorn and Lake Centennial here in Columbia, which are always great fun for children. Some wonderful urban locations are downtown Old Ellicott City, and the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.


Whatever you envision for your session, I’ve got you covered as far as locations, so let’s go make some magic happen!

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